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Samsung Vies for Meta AI Chip Orders, But 3nm Yield Falls Short of 60%

Reports have emerged that Samsung's 3nm process yield is below 60%, potentially allowing TSMC to maintain a higher market share.

It's rumored that Samsung's foundry will make a comeback in the semiconductor manufacturing sector with its upcoming 3GAP node, having secured contracts with industry giants such as IBM, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. This could be attributed to capacity issues at TSMC. However, a report indicates that the chip manufacturer still faces several challenges that need to be addressed.

The yield rate for Samsung's 3nm chips is reportedly still in the "mid to high 50% range," consistent with previous rumors of about 60%. Industry analysts have noted that the "GAA processing method has not yet stabilized," which explains the subpar yield rates.

The report highlights that Samsung's 4nm performance is better, with a yield rate of approximately 75%. This is good news for Google, as its Tensor G4 SoC for the Pixel 9 series will be manufactured using Samsung's 4LPP+.