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China-Japan Industrial Cooperation Enters a New Stage

On January 26, 2024, Beijing witnessed a pivotal moment. A landmark meeting unfolded, heralding a fresh era of China-Japan collaboration in sectors critical to both nations: semiconductors and automobiles. Orchestrated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this conference drew in a high-profile Japanese economic delegation, signaling a deepening of ties. During this seminal exchange, Jin Zhuanglong, the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and Takao Shindo, President of the Japan-China Economic Association, engaged in profound dialogues on several pressing matters.
Jin Zhuanglong, underscoring the discussion, highlighted China's industrial economy. It's on an upward trajectory, he noted, with significant strides in technological enhancement of traditional sectors, advancement in intelligent manufacturing, and growth in pivotal digital economy industries. China, he elaborated, is zealously pursuing new industrialization. The focus? Cutting-edge areas like next-gen information technology, high-end equipment, novel materials, new energy vehicles, and eco-friendly practices.