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Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Baidu Smart Cloud join hands to create a new AI smart experience

With the rapid development of smart technology, AI technology has become an indispensable core part of smart devices. Recently, Xu Yuanmo, vice president of user experience strategy of Samsung Electronics Greater China, and Chen Yifan, vice president of Baidu, announced important cooperation progress at the Samsung Galaxy S24 series new product launch conference. China's Samsung and Baidu Smart Cloud have officially established a strategic partnership in the AI ecosystem, marking the deep integration of the two technology giants in the field of AI.
According to the official introduction, Samsung Galaxy AI is not only deeply integrated with Baidu Wenxin large model at the technical level, but also achieves significant end-side empowerment in multiple functions. These functions include, but are not limited to, phone calls, translation, and intelligent summarization and layout using generative AI technology. The Galaxy S24 series mobile phones are at the forefront of the industry in this regard, launching the innovative "Search in Circles" function. Users only need to perform simple gesture operations on text, pictures or videos, such as drawing circles, underlining, etc., to immediately obtain relevant search results, which greatly improves the convenience and efficiency of information retrieval.