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2023's Top 10 Global Listed Companies: Apple and TSMC's Remarkable Stand

The prestigious research firm City Index has recently unveiled the 2023 rankings for the world's top ten listed companies. Apple, leading the pack, boasts a towering market value of US$3.03 trillion. In contrast, TSMC secures the tenth spot with a significant yet comparatively modest market value of US$534.98 billion.
Tracing back to 2018, Apple's market value on the NASDAQ stock exchange first soared past the US$1 trillion mark. This growth was not just incremental but meteoric, catapulting Apple to the zenith of market value among global companies, now standing at US$3 trillion. Hot on its heels is Microsoft, with an impressive market capitalization of US$2.51 trillion. Since its inception in 1975, Microsoft has not only established but fortified its global technological supremacy, courtesy of its Windows operating system, Office software, and recent forays into cloud and artificial intelligence.

Saudi Arabian Oil Company, better known as Saudi Aramco, occupies the third slot. With a market cap also breaching the US$2 trillion barrier, this state-owned behemoth leads the world in daily oil production and boasts the second-largest proven crude oil reserves. An intriguing twist occurred in early May 2022: surging oil demand briefly propelled Saudi Aramco to the pinnacle of market value. However, fluctuating demand soon led to its being eclipsed by Apple and Microsoft.